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Grand River Insulation Inc. wants to ensure that each customer receives the best possible insulation solution for their specific needs. This is why we thrive on being a 'full' service insulation company offering insulation solutions for home builders, renovators, restoration contractors, homeowners along with servicing the agricultural and commercial builders and renovators as well. 


An energy-efficient house is a better home. It provides a more comfortable living environment for you and your family. This includes reduced heating and air conditioning costs and providing a house that is easier on the environment. 


R-value is the measurement of an insulation's ability to prevent heat flow. The higher the R-value, the more insulating power it provides. 




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Blown Insulation


Flat attic blown cellulose  



Loosefill cellulose insulation is made of shredded newspapers with non-toxic fire-retardant additives. It has superior thermal, acoustical and fire-resistant properties. It does not promote mold, mildew or fungi growth and it repels insects and rodents. 


Loosefill cellulose insulation has the ability to seamlessly cover those difficult spaces like pipes, electrical wiring, and other mechanical areas. Your home needs protection from the elements and with cellulose, you are getting an excellent barrier to airflow, excellent sound insulation, and excellent insulating properties even in the most difficult Canadian climates.


The most common locations for cellulose insulation are attics and walls. 







Loosefill fibreglass insulation does not absorb moisture or hold water, therefore, preventing permanent loss of R-Value. It is non-combustible and is composed mostly of recycled content.






Polyurethane Spray Foam




2lb Closed Cell


Here at Grand River Insulation, the Polyurethane Spray Foam we use is HeatLok Soya – Insulation made from recycled plastics and soya. Our spray foam installers are fully licensed through Caliber Quality Solutions and also Radon Certified.


Polyurethane Spray Foam is a spray-applied cellular plastic that forms a continuous, uniform barrier on walls, around corners and on all contoured surfaces. It is resistant to water and humidity and there is no nutritional source to promote bacteria growth. Polyurethane Spray Foam provides a draft-free environment as it seals cracks and joints and will prevent uncontrolled movement of air through the wall assemblies. The open cells and the semi-rigid polyurethane mass will absorb and reduce sound transmission.


Some of the many uses for Polyurethane Spray Foam are walls, foundations and crawl spaces (both interior and exterior), ceilings, including cathedral and flat ceilings, header spaces in the basement and between the floors, doors, and windows, pipes and ducts, swimming pools and hot tubs.


Polyurethane Spray Foam allows for reduced energy costs and enhanced building comfort.



Radon Control - For Basements


With the changing energy requirements in the Ontario Building Code, in some requirements it is now mandatory to  insulate below the concrete slab.  This provides protection against underground gases, mainly Radon gas.  Urethane Spray Foam provides insulation and a perfect seal in a single application keeping the occupants warm inside and 

underground gases, namely radon outside.


The urethane spray foam is sprayed directly onto the crushed stone providing continuous insulation, free of joints.  The Canadian Building Code necessitates the installation of an air barrier system under the slab to prevent radon gas infiltration. Urethane Spray Foam perfroms as an air barrier as well as a vapor barrier.



1/2 lb Open Cell


Sound absorption both 1/2-lb and 2-lb SPFs have air barrier qualities that can help reduce noise from outside the building envelope (i.e. airplanes and car traffic). The 1/2-lb foam's density offers additional sound absorbing qualities, however, neither foam is exceptionally effective at reducing vibrational impact noises.


Water absorption 1/2-lb SPF has a high open cell content (greater than 50 percent) and liquid water can enter the foam. Conversely, 2-lb SPF has a high closed-cell content (greater than 90 percent) and resists water absorption. In a building assembly, the latter SPF offers added weather or rain barrier protection.









Fibreglass Batts & Vapour Barrier


Fibreglass batts can be used to insulate various areas within a house or building including interior walls, floors & ceilings. Fibreglass insulation has an outstanding thermal resistance which provides maximum energy savings. It is non-combustible and is composed mostly of recycled glass. 


Fibreglass Batts and Vapour Barrier


Fibreglass Batts


Fiberglass insulation consists of extremely fine glass fibers and has proven its ability to make buildings more energy efficient, reduce utility costs and increase occupant comfort. Fiberglass batt insulation comes in pre-determined R-Values and since it does not settle, properly installed fiberglass insulation maintains its R-Value over a long period of time.


Fiberglass insulation is Moisture Resistant when exposed to moisture, it neither absorbs nor holds water. With fiberglass insulation being made from sand and recycled glass, it is naturally non-combustible which makes it Fire Resistant. Fiberglass insulation also acts as an Acoustic Control. It is a naturally sound-absorbent material that significantly reduces sound transmission in wall, ceiling and floor assemblies.




Foundation Blanket – Single Faced Fiberglass Roll Insulation


Foundation Blanket provides a continuous vapour barrier with no thermal breaks to the inside basement wall.  It helps reduce air leaks around the sill and header plate and conforms to the Ontario Building Code.



Vapour Barrier     


A  vapour barrier may be required to control vapour transmission and minimize condensation in walls and ceilings. 







Insulation Removal


After Removal of insulation                        

There are various reasons that insulation may need to be removed. The most popular consisting of damaged insulation,  as a result of a leaking roof, animal contamination, smoke damage, eliminating dangerous and harmful pre-existing materials, or a restriction of airflow due to too much existing insulation which impedes proper ventilation. Our trained and professional installers have the proper equipment to make sure the insulation is removed, bagged and taken to a disposal site.




Drill and Fill



A drill and fill consists of drilling small holes between wall studs and blowing loose fill into the empty cavities.  The loose fill insulation used in the application is called cellulose.  Building code regulation of homes built in the early to mid 1900th century were much different than building codes today.  Drill and fill provides the convenience of upgrading your insulation without the hassle of a full renovation.



Rockwool (Roxul) Insulation


Rockwool insulation is made from natural stone and recycled material. It's unique non-directional fibre structure and higher density give it better dimensional stability and makes it an effective barrier against noise. Rockwool insulation is fire resistant and water repellent.




Rockwool Safe 'n' Sound


This particular product absorbs sound and reduces noise from travelling from one room to another.  It is for soundproofing interior walls and for ceilings between rooms such as bedrooms, home offices, basements, bathrooms, home theatre rooms and furnace/laundry rooms.










Rockwool Comfortbatt


Traditionally used for exterior walls to save energy. This semi-rigid batt has a unique flexible edge designed to compress as the batt is inserted into walls, attics, ceilings, and floor frames.  The Rockwool Comfortbatt is non-combustible and has excellent sound absorbency. It does not rot or promote the growth of fungi or mildew. It is water and moisture resistant which allows it to maintain it's insulating value.






Quietzone - Acoustic Batt Insulation


These batts are designed to help with noise control. When installed between interior walls, floors and ceilings they will help minimize unwanted noise in bedrooms, basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms, theatres and home offices.  Acoustic insulation is non-combustible and contains recycled content.



Fireproofing / Firecoating





DC315 – Applied Over Foam


 DC315 paint is a 15 minute thermal & ignition barrier for spray polyurethane foam. DC315 applied over spray     polyurethane foam is an alternative barrier system. DC315 is the most tested and approved product for use as an “alternative barrier coating system” over spray polyurethane foam.


DC315 helps stop the spread of fire, smoke and hot gases over combustible substrates such as cables, wood, gypsum, I-joists, and fabrics.














Monokote Z3306 – Applied Over Foam


Z-3306 is a gypsum based fire protective coating specifically formulated for application over sprayed polyurethane foam. When applied to interior foam surfaces on walls and ceilings, Z-3306 forms a well adhered, monolithic thermal barrier against heat and fire. Firebond Concentrate is required to all foam surfaces prior to the application of Z-3306. Z-3306 dries to a hard, durable surface which resists damage.













Monokote - MK6 (Cementitious Fireproofing) – Applied to Steel / Concrete


MK-6 HY and MK-6s are single components, spray applied mill-mixed fire resistive plasters. MK-6 is approved for use on structural steel members. Fireproofing products such as MK-6 are used to prevent or delay the failure of steel and concrete structures exposed to fire. It is intended to insulate the structural members during the event of a fire, delaying any loss of the integrity of the structural members.







Smoke Seal



Kilz is a heavy-duty primer that’s used to cover and seal pre-existing problem areas. It works to trap and seal odors, block stains or even fill in porous surfaces. Kilz works by minimizing the effects of surface differences which provides a smooth finish for a topcoat of paint.


The stain blocking formula blocks most severe stains including water, smoke, ink, grease and also seals pet, food and smoke odors.


Zinsser B-I-N Primer-Sealer Stain Killer


Zinsser is a stain killing, primer sealer that is great for knots, water stains, fire damage, and smoke damage. It seals in tough stains and eliminates pet, smoke and fire odors. It adheres well to all dense, smooth and slick surfaces which makes it great to use under all topcoats.



Spray Applied Fiberglass


Monoglass is a spray applied thermal & acoustic insulation. It is fiberglass based, non-combustible and contains a minimum of 25% recycled glass content. Combining soft glass fibers and polymer adhesive creates a non-combustible, non-toxic, insulation that can be quickly spray applied to virtually any surface or configuration. Monoglass insulation reduces sound transmission between spaces.



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